Thursday, December 3, 2009


NEWMYTHS  reviews popular movies, comic books, and television in the area of fantasy, science fiction, superheroes, and certain related dramas and comedies, with an eye to their mythological or deeper meanings.

Such Media as Star Wars, Batman Begins, Smallville, Heroes, and comics from across the spectrum will be searched out for inner archetypes and meaning. Many new works, including fan films and the like will also be reviewed.  Though we'll pay some minor attention to 'let down' films, etc,  Primarily, we, the believers in ...whatever it is, are looking for meaning and truth in the creative religious power of our media creators, including ourselves, here in the commentaries.  Often a commentary will be presented and make perfect sense, even if the artist didn't at all intend it, we'll hold to to be a valid expression of spirit and the emerging truth of some sort of modern divine revelation, especially those transformative places in films, and even ridiculously foolish comedies, which display patterns of interaction to lead humanity to a  better stage of human history...


  • The Watchmen [Film]
  • The Watchmen [comic]
  • The Dark Knight [Film]
  • The Big Lebowski [Film]
  • Terminator 1-4 [film]
  • Superman 1-4 [Film]
  • Star Wars I-VI [Film]
  • Spiderman I II III [Film]
  • Smallville seasons 1-9 [TV]
  • Men in Black 1 & 2 [Film]
  • Martha Smith series [comic]
  • Justice League Unlimited [TV Cartoon]
  • Heroes [TV]
  • Dark Knight Returns [comic]
  • Dark Knight Returns 2 [comic]
  • Conan the Barbarian [Film]
  • Clone Wars [TV]
  • Batman RIP [Comic]
  • Batman Begins [Film]

Characters is a section for understanding characters by understanding their partners their nemesis, and their counterparts with similar goals but different approach

Dynamic Duos

Dynamic duos is a section for looking at partners, enemies, and beyond, understanding the dynamics of relationships in their form, and how they define the characters, by the other characters present.

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