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This article explores the Chain of Tradition from teacher to student beginning with Yoda and culminating in Leah and Luke.  This chain of tradition develops and morphs in each student as they become a master and teacher, reflecting the "EVER LIVING FORCE" which works through time and generations to develop Its salvific ends. This chain of tradition is: Yoda, Dooku, Quai Gon Jinn, Obi Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Padme, Leah and Luke. Until Anakin there was one primary student per teacher, with Anakin and Padme they became one via marraige, and thus birthed the next generation of theirselves, merged as one and duplicated in a fractal image of two unique beings, Luke Skywalker and Leah Organa.

Now we look at the connections and similarities, differences and general approach of each.  We look specifically to how each Jedi viewed the emerging paradigm shift that the Chosen would begin.


Yoda is similar to Dooku -he is aware of the problems in the senate, after all he is Dooku's teacher.

Yoda is also similar to Windu, attempting to take on the Emperor himself, as if simply destroying the dark side is enough to bring balance to the force.  Perhaps Yoda is less interested in bringing balance to the force as much as to do what must be done in the moment. In this Yoda is less eschatological-new age   than Dooku, Quai Gonn, and, in a sense, Windu.

 It is Yoda's student Dooku, who develops a fuller interest in the transformations of the emerging intergalactic paradigm shift, although titles himself as its progenitor, and specifically Dooku's student, the defiant yet humble Quai Gonn Jinn, who places himself outside the chosen identity, who raises the young chosen Anakin to the Jedi order.  But it is Obi Wan kenobi, Quai Gonn's student, who fails to train him, and it is Obi Wan's student Anakin's son Luke and daughter Leah, for whom balance of the Force is at hand.

Thus there is the similar Talmudic story of  Elisha Ben Abuya, who travelled along with the famous “Four Rabbis” into the mystical garden of eden.  Upon his return, he saw that there was no justice in the world, that the righteous were punished along with the wicked, and redefined what righteousness was, for himself.  There are stories that he committed heinous acts, but my instinct is that these are warnings by the establishment not to follow his direction.  Yet despite my sympathy for him, that they demonized  him, truly his path was problematic.  He saw the problem and sought to make a new way. But he was still so connected to the pain of the world as it was, that he was unable to bring the light of the new age paradgime, stuck he was in the darkness. Yet it is his student Rabbi Me'ir, who was able to walk that line, and is credited with the name, Rebbe Me'ir Baal HaNeis.  Rabbi Meir the Master of Miracles.

Dooku saw that reality is not a war between Jedi and Sith. Its not a war of light and dark. The war is against that which holds that there is a war between light and dark. Good and Evil, Desire and Restraint, Selfishness and Selflessness, these two sides of coins-...they are not giving each other place and space to be and coexist as one complete holistic iconic being in the radical mind of the spiritual liver of worlds. He saw himself as the neccesary stage of transformation, assuming himself capable of lowering himself to the depths and still surviving its dark side of the fence.  Because also his nature was not inherently giving, or at least not sufficiently, his interest in the dark-light fusion was conceptual, a real dynamic purpose, but, much like a knight going off to fight the dragon only to become a debased pile of bones, or rather, much like a cult leader who gets caught up into the power of status, his spiritual powers nonwithstanding, and fails to lead the humble on a path of exploration and liberation, Dooku, in his attempt to birth the new paradgime age, essentially falls.

I do consider that his offer to Obi Wan to join him in his quest was authentic. It made no point for him to introduce at that stage that the Dark Lord was in control of the senate.  And since Darth Vader requested from Luke the very same, namely to destroy the sith, who he had come to despise, much as Dooku had come to despise Darth Sideous in his day, the desire of the Jedi who learns of the ways of Dark side, yet still cares for the creation and wishes to shepherd it, still wishes that his effort was not in vain.  He or She still hopes that the synthesis is possible through their hands, a form of personal atonement for taking the ship too far to the dark side.

Often in drug education in America people as kids are resolute, “I won't use drugs!”  Then as they become teenagers, -and use drugs, marijuana most specifically, they find that what they were told isn't exactly what the situation is.  There were additional fences built to keep people at bay from what the society considers unhealthy forms of recreation. Unhealthy to the society, as well as the individual. Although we could, were this blog also a political one, put forth the idea that Marijuana is primarily an economic stimulator of alternative communities, creating localised economies that, even when people don't actually smoke the substance, still benefit from the influx of cash to the community, allowing other business to sprout. Much as in Oil, where the Progressive communities stage constant “no blood for oil” rallies, completely ignorant to the intense and immediate stimulus to the national economy having cheap oil is. In fact, without that stimulus, we are often unable to afford to create partnerships with, for example, coffee growers in chiapas.  Much in the same way with Marijuana economics, and the like. But this is not a political blog, so I digress.

Much as we learn that marijuana is reviled as the dark side, and find that its a whole different story, same with Dooku, Anakin, and other Jedi who discovered the light in the dark is great.  As it is written “Or Zerua Latzakid” Light is Sown for the Righteous.  This is a passage of a scripture that speaks mystically of the level one has to be on to benefit from the light in the dark, which is many times greater than the regular light.  A final note on marijuana; although I once used, I don't really see a benefit today, other than economic stimulus to alternative communities. The Force is real.  All experiences are possible in it, and it can be relied upon. Drugs may help open the mind. Yet, they make it harder for a person to achieve those results without drugs, leaving people to think “oh he's just on drugs.” That is to say, the level a person can reach via going to a deep place in the self, confronting the pain and shame and birthing this mystical, practical light which binds physical and spiritual, as we're speaking about above, is so many times greater, and leads to the reallization of actual miracles mamash.  But what drugs do is relegate that to a temporary chemical effect on the mind, saying effectively, “my dreams are only achievable in my thoughts and fantasies of what is going on.  When people use drugs all the time, they essentially say, “I care so much for this fantasy world, that I can no spend any time away from it. Even though I was given these fantasies by THE FORCE, to birth them into being, I don't want to birth them. It takes me away from feeling them. Birthing is hard. And birthing often creates others happiness, but i'm the 'suffering one.'

Thats valid, and its why men or boys who are in pain put all our heart into a girl, who represents somehow the love that we would like to feel if we did not live in the world which did not represent an expression of fantastical wonder.  Or why girls give their power away to a man, and get involved in manipulative tendencies, and rely over heavily on their female friends and society for identity.  Because its very hard to birth something. Birthing something means that some one else is created who can benefit from all the work I did to fix myself from where I was birthed from, as it is written “Go forth from your native house, all you know, to the unknown...”
What drugs do is realize these fantasies in a way that feels real, but its not real, because its only happening in the mind. Surely there is some aspect of certain drugs that help us see a deeper reality. But reality, as we understand it from these myths, is balanced on four or five pillars. These pillars all exist simultaneously.  One is spiritual vision. Another is practical being. Another is emotional, like feelings, traumas, shames. These feelings and emotions don't go anywhere just cause I had a spiritual experience. In places or times where some people, like Elisha Ben Abuya, or Anakin Skywalker long ago and far, far away, did not use drugs to get to these powers and places, they still were slaves to their mentality. They were slaves to the pain. Anakin lost his mother and was fearing he'd lose his Beloved lover.  He was charged with creating a world where this type of thing didn't happen, or happened a whole lot less. He was yet to focused on his individual pain and trauma and the shame of dishonor in the jedi community, which was below his status as the prophetically chosen on one hand, and just plain obviously brilliant on the other. This birthed his arrogance, desire for comeuppance, and rage.  He in his great spiritual brilliance, was still a slave to his emotional trauma and shame. Thus all the more so for one who derives their spiritual experience from drug use. Fine, perhaps, lets say, as an opener to a greater world. Often this happens anyway.

The main thing that keeps opening experiences from happening, is that people close up. We become ashamed, and act tough to fit in to a world. Thus we abandon what we, and only we, are charged with bringing into the world. We each of us has to transform ourselves so the world is not destroyed. We each of us are chosen. What happens is we bow to the powers that be in our lives. But those powers are not all powerful. And truth does not mean fighting them. It means just naturally being ourselves, despite them, until one by one, those structures that hold these powers start to transform from more and more people, as individuals but also as groups, coming into a realer way of being. There is no philosophy for being real. Its always going to be right now. What is real is now real. I can't come up with a pill for real. I can't come up with a formula for real. Even if I could, why on earth would I? It may explain real, at least in one situation or another, but it leads me far from myself.

I produced an album. I chose not to go with the industry pushing it when the opportunity arose. I know it will be successful, but the success isn't in money alone. The success is that its a part of something new, a real way of being. To show this is possible, I made this album, and held out from that temptation.  I'm still using advertising for this site, and i'm not super happy about that choice but I am doing it, perhaps soon I will repent of that descision and change it.  Still, were I a Jedi, i'd say its ONLY about the new realness.  As a sith I might say take the money, or take over their corporation had I the power. But as a new paradgime darklight fusion being, its okay to take the money, but do it in a real way.  This is the hardest thing for us.  Those drawn to light are repulsed by dark, so for them, there is a big fixing in getting into the dark. And for those drawn to the dark, also to be pulling self into light. Thus we come to
The Radical Center.

For Luke and Leah, balance of the force is already an obvious idea. It took several generations for this idea to be rooted, the Force works in mysterious and often roundabout ways.   Luke and Leah have the power of this development behind them, as the twin identity of the expression of the Chosen in the world. It was specifically the Chosen's lover, Padme, who was the balance for him between the dark and light. The dark side-the physicality, attachment, care for creation, love, passion, committment to the world, matter; the light side -the detachment, the compassion, the release from worldly concern, self sacrifice, the spiritual, the anti-matter. She was a replacement for his mother, at least in his eyes. He saw in her a place to find all the qualities in life he was missing in his life, Similar to Issac who loved Leah after his mother Sarah died... She however identified herself as herself. Her purpose was saving the world. Much like who he really was inside, she was by nature a being devoted to a good, to light.  He also, but he had many traumas and betrayals in his past which were etched into his heart.

         This is how it is with a man who is in a hard time and sees a woman and his heart lightens.  Yet, he must find this lightness in himself, thus he merits her. As it is written “G-d Created a partner against him.” Say the commentators: “If he has merit, she is for him. If not, she is against him.”  The main merit is being real, which takes time alone, really listening, really being honest, challenging self to be stronger, but also challenging self to admit being weaker, and being okay with that.  There are so many levels one has to accomplish. Also because our religions and societies, even our prophecies, are so lost, and yet contain truths, its not enough to just throw off the world altogether. There are some things we must pick and choose.  Anakin is typified by not spending time with his own heart, except for a few crucial moments, like on the balcony at the volcano planet where he cries towards the end of Episode 3, and when he's in the orb looking in the mirror near the end of Return of the Jedi.  He replaces finding his heart again, with a feeling of love for his wife, and as such he misplaces her trust, for her true calling is to save the world, she just doesn't happen to have super powers.  But more importantly he loses his own trust, to really just be himself. Its hard.  To truly merit her, he must find his own heart and save it himself, and even if the whole world tells him how to do this, he must know where it really is, even if he's never really sure one hundred percent.  For what is faith, if we are positive of the results. Even with myth and spirit, shamanic walks with destiny, we are often robbed of our insight by THE FORCE, and thus we have a chance to make a choice, and we are told “remember that which you have seen.” In other words, remember the path and the sides. One side of faith in hope and the seemingly impossible dream or vision. And remember that we do not follow the ways of Amalek, that scientific cold understanding of probability.

To do this, we must go to a very hard place. To judge ourselves without being self defeating, and to hear where his heart is telling him. she/he must face a place inside themself that is not totally there with life, that is hurt and avoiding themself. They must do half the Jedi work- the work of defeating themself, their pain, the need for validation, and yet still do half the sith work, still being a part of a real world with real connections, and yes, passion, desire, pleasure and attachment.  this way we hear the song of the heart, the "still small voice."

more notes later on the relationship between Anakin Skywalker and Jean Grey of the X-Men next time.
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